Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Born for adversity

Who wrote the manual that said life should be easy?  That it should ebb and flow with the tide of our choosing, we should be the artist controlling each stroke or shading.  Maybe before the fall adversity and difficulties did not exist.  Neither did time as far as we are concerned.  Oh to be free from the constraints of constantly rubbing against the friction of this life......what joyful bliss......pain-free living to be sure.  However, our creator in His infinite wisdom, saw our need to have free choice and here we now sit in our predicament of pain prefacing glory. Our choices have costs us so much that our Savior had to give His life to redeem us to our former state of sonship.

In walks adversity, taking it's cue and finding it's seat.  Romans 8:29 states, "For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren,"  The high calling of every christian is to be conformed to the image of God's son.  So exactly how is it that the Lord conforms us to His image?  Adversity was created by God, as much as we are reluctant to admit it.  Are we ridiculous enough to believe that God made a mistake when He created satan?  Of course not, even satan has a purpose that God is using and has been using to this day.  So if we believe God created adversity then we can easily see that it is used by God to shape us into the glorious image of Jesus Christ.

Yes it's true.......we were born for adversity.  I have come to this conclusion, without adversity hero's would never be born or developed.  There would simply be no need for them.  We would never change, grow, develop, mature without constant challenge.  But oh how we dread it, we shudder beneath it's weight, find ways to bypass it if at all possible! And we beg and plead with God to remove our "thorn" so that we could fully devote our lives to Him without any hinderance.  Usually these highly emotional outbursts we make are followed by periods of silence as our creator waits for us to remember just how sufficient He is.

But what if, just what if, we welcomed adversity.  Maybe saw it as a friend stopping by for a few minutes instead of an intruder we must attack and destroy.  What if for a moment we saw our difficult circumstances, situations, etc. as a tool God is using to shape us, not destroy us.  What if we be-friended adversity so to speak, maybe even give it a name and a place in our life?

That is something to think about for sure.

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  1. Many times we go through tests before our testimonies! I heard several years ago thta when go through "stuff"-it's not just for us,but someone as well.