Friday, June 18, 2010


What could you do today that would promote positive self worth in your life?  What activities could you participate in that would boost your self esteem instead of destroy it?  

The activities that you partake in daily reveal the way the you truly feel about yourself.  Some of us might spend the day making bad choices that will result in feeling even worse about ourselves.  This type of behavior is a downward spiral that eventually will lead to inactivity in our lives or such a damaged perception of ourselves that we become stale.  The bottom line is this:  how you see yourself determines how you treat yourself!  

So I suggest:

1)  Learn through scripture how God sees you-  find scriptures that reveal God's thoughts about you.  Some of my favorite are  Psalm 139, Ecclesiastes 3:11, and Ephesians 2:10.  Post them everywhere around you and say them several times a day until you believe them.

2)  Connect with other people that have overcome low self esteem-  This network is a great place for that (www.thepinkdress.ning)

3)  Put your faith into action-  Faith without works is dead, likewise works apart from faith are ineffective, thus the reason you must put the word in your heart first.  Once you believe you are who God says you are, you can begin to reach toward those dreams that God has put in your heart!  However, as long as you don't believe that you can do anything you see things through tunnel vision.  If you can begin to believe that you are who God says you are, you can accomplish the impossible with His help.  

What can you do right now to start this process?

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