Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking the Mold

Something about cookie cutter molds turns me against their usefulness.  I understand the concept.....I understand the need.....I even understand how economical they can prove to be when used for mass production purposes.  Cookie cutter molds work great when used in the context of a factory, but not so great in the life of a Christian.  Therein lies my dis-satisfaction with the whole concept.  They can be so misleading when used to determine ones identity.  I've seen it time and time again......no actually I've been a victim to it's demanding clutches on numerous occasions.

O the pain we endure when we try to be anything other than what we were created to be.  The truth is none of us can help HOW we were wired. We cannot spend our lives wishing we were a BMW if we were created a Chevy Tahoe (both are really great cars that I've owned by the way and pardon my expression of equating cars to human beings).  All my life I have pursued music, feeling the need to express myself through music alone. Desperately striving to fit into the mold of a Christian music artist.  To be successful meant millions of best selling albums and constant #1 hits.  So much pressure....... I thought music to be completely my sole calling and any other pursuit would be in vain.  That is until the Lord stripped all of that away from me to show me who I really was.  Even as I'm writing this I am intrigued by this revelation.  That I would ever settle for so much less than what He made me to be is intolerable.

Great treasures are always hidden and must be sought after and mined. Only God knows what that treasure is and how to discover it. That is why scripture says our lives our hidden in Christ.  Oftentimes the mold must be broken to accomplish this task. He knows exactly how to lead you to that treasure that is deep inside of you, placed there by Christ.  He desires us all to have the enjoyment of purpose and discovering that treasure inside of you is discovering your purpose.  We all have it but to find it will necessitate the work of patience on our life.  The following lines were taken from a song I penned a couple of years ago and I think it adequately expresses this feeling:

Let patience have her perfect work
Don't you rush the hand of the Lord
Strengthen those tired and weary knees
He will come to you with peace 

Sometimes it's thru the lens of darkness that light is best displayed. We cannot always see the truth until we are in the darkness.  That is a truth that I believe to be universally acknowledged yet so often misunderstood.  Our God is a God that is not afraid of darkness and is not diminished by its power.  He is able to keep you in perfect peace even though sometimes it is necessary to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Even death has no hold physically or spiritually in the life of a believer.  He can take what has been dark in your your life to propel you into His purpose for you.

Take heart dear brother, dear sister! Your God has not forgotten His purposes for you. He has not forgotten the destiny with which He has assigned you before the foundations of the world.  All hope is not lost.......despair is not to be your companion.  You were created as an expression of His handiwork and His expertise.

I love the book of Zechariah.  The name alone "Zechariah" means "the Lord remembers." Indeed He remembered His promise to the exiles of Israel and was faithful to bring them home and rebuild the temple and wall even though decades had passed.  I believe the Lord to be doing something great like this for all of us..........maybe some molds just need to broken first.  Some wrong identities need to be forgotten, some bad habits replaced,  and new character established.

Above all, our God is faithful and He always remembers!

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